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What should I test for?


  • It is up to the discretion of the customer on what to test for. Customers are encouraged to research their testing needs via the FDA and other regulatory agencies. for samples.


What is the turnaround time for results?


  • All chemistry tests are completed within 10 business days

  • Rushes may be applied to certain chemistry only tests:

    • 50% Rush is within 5 business days

    • 100% Rush is next business day

  • All microbiological tests are completed within 5 business days


How do I submit a test?


  • Samples may be submitted via Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or other carrier services at the discretion of the customer. Samples may also be delivered via customer.

  • Customers can request a pick-up by a contacting Purity. This will incur an additional fee.


How do I access my results?


  • You may access your test results online by contacting Purity and setting up an online account. You will be prompted to create a Username and Password via the Purity website.

  • Results will also be submitted via email, fax or mail depending on request submitted on the Chain of Custody Form completed by the customer.


What methods are used by Purity?


  • Purity uses standard methods for testing. This includes but is not limited to: AOAC, USP, FDA, Standard Methods for the Analysis of Water and Waste Water. When standardized methods are changed or updated, Purity will adhere to the new changes after completing internal validation.


How do I pay for testing?


  • If a formal contract or agreement is not drawn up between Purity and the new customer, payment should occur at the time of sample submission. Up-front payment can be in the form of check, cash or credit card.Customers have the option to apply for a Net 30 credit account. Upon completion and approval of the credit application, which will be provided by Purity, customers will be able to pay via Net 30 invoicing.

  • If credit is extended, the customer agrees to the following conditions:

    • The customer shall agree that the application may be referred to Dun and Bradstreet or TRW or to any officials for approval

    • The customer shall pay the amount or amounts due as evidenced by the account, no later than 30 days following the date of invoice.

    • The customer agrees that any amounts not paid within 30 days shall be considered delinquent and a late fee of 1.5 percent per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18 percent will be added to the outstanding balance.

    • In the event that a delinquent account is placed in the hands of a collection agency or attorney for collection, or suit is instituted on this account, the customer agrees to pay reasonable collection fees in addition to the outstanding balance.

  • Once a test is completed, the customer will be invoiced and billed within a week of completion.


How much does testing cost?


  • Please see the Price List page located on the website. For more pricing information, please call for more information.


What are the terms and conditions for testing?


  • Please see the Terms and Conditions page located on this website. They are also located on the back of the Chain of Custody Form required with sample submission.



How much sample do I submit?


  • Depending on the nature of test, different tests require different sample volumes. Please call for specific sample size requirements.


What’s the hold time for testing?


  • All samples submitted before 2:00 pm on business days (Monday – Friday) will be processed that day.

  • Certain tests require samples to be delivered to the laboratory within a specified time of sampling. If unsure about testing hold times, please call Purity for more information.


How long are samples retained?


  • All test samples will be retained for 14 days after completion of testing and submission of results to the customer. After the 14 days, the samples will be disposed of properly.

  • Shelf-life studies will be kept separately and for a time period previously discussed with customer.

  • Samples will only be retained for a different amount of time than indicated above with customer request prior to sample submission.

  • Purity has the right to remove or dispose of samples that are damaged, contaminated or rotten prior to the 14 days.


What do I need to include with my sample submission?


  • A properly labeled sample

  • A completed Purity Labs’ Chain of Custody Form with matching sample identification and proper test requisition filled out

  • Payment or payment terms (for example, information for billing, all located on the Chain of Custody Form)

  • Contact information (located on the Chain of Custody Form)


What do my results mean?


  • Purity is available for all the customer’s testing needs; however, Purity will not deliver interpretations or opinions along with test results. Purity will offer guidance to a customer inquiring about units or amounts, but it is up to the customer to determine whether the results are deleterious or innocuous.


Frequently Asked Questions
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