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No more waiting for test results by mail. Our customers can register to read their test results, securely, on-line. Just register at our website or click here.


When your registration is accepted you will be not only be able to view your testing results as soon as we have them, but you will also be able to view your complete testing history with Purity Laboratories.


You can print a copy of the test results or just store those results on-line. You can also edit your account information so that Purity Laboratories has all the correct and updated information to service your account efficiently.


Registering for an on-line account will save you time, money and the stress of getting your test results. Register for a Purity Labs on-line account today at


Of course, if you prefer, you may choose to receive your testing results by telephone (503.297.3636 or Toll Free 800.977.3636), fax (503.297.3738) or pick them up at our laboratory (6305 SW Rose St., Ste B, Lake Oswego).

Now - Get Your Test Results Online
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