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Surface Test for Total Bacteria (APC)
Test for Cleaning Effectiveness


In the Covid-19 era, it is more important than ever for businesses to check their cleaning protocols.  The aerobic plate count (APC) test has long been a preferred and economical way to do that job. 


We know that Covid-19 can live on some surfaces for days or even weeks.  What scientists are still debating is whether it is likely that people will contract coronavirus by touching infected surfaces.  There’s less debate on whether that’s possible, particularly if a person touches that surface and touches his or her mouth before handwashing or hand sanitizing. 


The APC test that Purity Laboratories (Purity) offers is an economical way to assess the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation activities.  Keeping these surfaces disinfected from Covid-19 reduces risks, particularly from surfaces where there’s potential for infection from someone who has Covid-19.


What is an APC test and what is if for?

APC testing will indicate total bacterial populations on a sample.  Bacteria can be benign even if total bacterial counts on a surface are high because it doesn’t detect pathogens or toxins. High counts, however, can indicate the potential for harboring pathogenic organisms.  Surfaces such as desktops, counters, door handles and tables that have high bacterial counts usually indicate poor cleaning or disinfecting procedures or the use of ineffective cleaning and disinfecting products.  The EPA has issued a list of disinfectants that kill Covid-19 that may offer solutions to potential risks.

Recommended Use

Businesses of every type are seeking solutions to protect the health and welfare of their employees and customers from Covid-19 and reduce risks.  Thorough cleaning protocols are important to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.  Purity’s APC test provides guidance for businesses to identify risky environments and remediation activities.


How Is the Test Done?

The APC test is a simple swab test.  Purity will provide a complete APC test kit. Using the special environmental swabs, the person doing the test would swab the area to be tested.  Swabs are sent back to the lab in cold packs that are included in Purity’s kit.  We recommend overnight shipping.  The lab will report its test results in 2-3 working days from the time samples are received in the lab.


Also See Surface Test for Covid-19

Purity offers an extremely accurate laboratory test to detect Covid-19 on most solid surfaces.  The test uses RT PCR assay to target the N1 and N2 regions of the nucleocaspid gene of SARS-CoV-2 with a limit of detection of 5-10 genomic copies (1000-2000 genomic copies of sample per mL.  Knowing where there’s live Covid-19 on premises can help direct or influence what measures are taken to protect its occupants.  

Cleaning Tables
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