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Our Gold Seal Program

Currently in redevelopment. 
Expected date of completion February 2023.

Purity offers one of the most extensive screening for pesticides and toxic compounds for the food and dietary supplement industries. With gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) technology we can test a sample for 932 pesticides and other toxic compounds in one scan. If toxic compounds in the sample exceed acceptable levels as set by the customer or regulatory standards, Purity can conduct further testing to quantify the toxins.


Purity offers customers a gold seal certification for nutraceutical and food ingredients that have been tested for 900+ toxic compounds. The seal can be used on Certificates of Analysis or in promotional materials related to the product or ingredient testing.


Purity also offers standardized screens for 350 and 520 pesticides and toxic compounds. As an option, customers can choose from our database of 900+ pesticides and toxic compounds to create their own customized testing panel.


For more information or to order please call Purity at 500.297.3636

Purity’s Gold Seal Program for Pesticide and Toxic Compound Testing
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