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Surface Testing For Covid-19
Accurate  • Simple • Versatile



Use for offices, schools, nursing homes, doctor offices, restaurants, cars, manufacturing  facilities, hotels, theaters and more . . .

Testing the surfaces in your facility can be your first line of defense against Covid-19.  When a person infected with Covid-19 coughs, laughs or talks, they can release tiny droplets that fall onto nearby surfaces or surfaces they touch. Depending on the surface, the virus can live and infect others from a few hours to even several days.


Extremely Accurate

Purity Laboratories (Purity) offers an extremely accurate laboratory test to detect Covid-19 on most solid surfaces. This test utilizes RT PCR assay to target the N1 and N2 regions of the nucleocaspid gene of SARS-CoV-2. The limit of detection for Purity's specialized assay for Covid-19 is 5-10 genomic copies (1000-2000 genomic copies of sample per mL). Knowing where there's live Covid-19 on your premises can help direct or influence what measures you take to safeguard the occupants of your facility.


Simple to Use

Purity’s Surface Testing Kit comes with everything you need to perform a simple swab test on the surfaces you choose. Purity’s surface tests were especially designed to be used with a completely safe buffering solution that neutralizes the virus while preserving the virus’s RNA used to confirm the presence of Covid-19.



Purity’s Surface Testing Kits can be used in any facility from small offices to large facilities such as schools and government buildings.  Applications can include restaruants, theaters, hotels, cars and car rentals, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, homes and more.

Subscription pricing for routine testing and volume discounts are offered.  Please see our website at: for pricing.

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