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Our Terms of Service and the summary of our Terms of Service that follow were written to inform you about important aspects of purchasing lab testing from Purity Laboratories (Purity). 


We hope our that our Terms and Services document answers many of the questions you may have about our services.  You can download a copy of Purity’s Terms of Services by clicking here.  If you have additional questions after reading our Terms of Service, please call us at 503.297.3636 or e-mail us at



Ordering Tests

Order tests from Purity by completing Purity’s Chain of Custody Form, which will give us the complete details of your order.  Please fill out the form completely as submission of incomplete forms may hold up your testing.


Complete a Chain of Custody Form for each sample you submit for testing.


Shipping Samples to Purity

Please ship samples in containers that will protect the sample from contamination or degradation. 


Be sure to select samples that are representative of product or lot, including the way it will be packaged.  Ship samples that require refrigeration or cold packs to be received at Purity in useable testing form.


If you are shipping a sample that contains any hazardous material, you must inform Purity prior to shipping and receive approval from Purity to receive the sample.  Samples containing hazardous ingredients or materials must be clearly labelled with information about the hazardous material.  Please adhere to all government regulations regarding the identification, labelling and shipment of hazardous material.


Sample Acceptance

If you have any questions regarding whether Purity can test your sample to the specifications you require, please call us before you ship samples to us.  Purity also reserves the right to reject a sample for testing for any reason or if we cannot meet your testing requirements.


Test Reports

You will receive testing results in a report that has been reviewed for accuracy by our Quality Assurance department.  Test results are usually e-mailed to you.  If you prefer that your results be received by mail or you want us to e-mail and mail the results to you, please request that on your Chain of Custody Form when ordering.  For some tests, tests results are available to access from our website by prearrangement.


Rush Testing

Rush testing is available; however, you may be charged more for this service.



When you order, lab testing from Purity, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.  Any exceptions must be agreed upon by Purity in writing.

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