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Mass Spectrometer Testing

Purity Laboratories, Inc., offers our customers the newest technology for detecting and analyzing metals in products with its new ICP-MS.


ICP-MS is short for “inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.” Our ICP-MS is the state-of-the-art methodology for measuring metal ions in simple or complex matrixes at micro or macro concentrations. Previous methods involved atomic absorption spectrophotometers , ICP optical emission spectrometry, or standard chemical methods.

  • Offers detection limits equal to or better than atomic absorption with much improved productivity.

  • Handles complex matrixes with minimal interferences.

  • Offers detection limits far superior to ICP-OES, usually 1000 times more sensitive.

  • Can test trace metals and large concentration minerals in one simple operation.

  • Tests for multiple metal elements from one solution, over 35 individual metals per pass.


ICP-MS offers laboratories opportunities to achieve higher productivity at lower detection levels than any other metal ion methodology, with detection limits at or below the parts per trillion range.


Because the ICP-MS is under computer control, the system can literally operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and analyze 300 samples per 24 hour period. No other technology can offer this high productivity at the lowest detection limits. This all translates into improved response and more accurate results to our customers.


Purity Labs’ New ICP-MS Offers State-of-the-Art Metal Detection
The ICP-MS is the superior technology for metal analysis for a number of reasons including:
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